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I will help you to

Get Serious about SEO & Content Marketing

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Why Doing Your Own SEO Besides Running Your Business just Won’t Cut it

SEO Isn’t what It Used To be

There used to be times when ranking 1st on Google was as easy as stealing candy from a baby.
Keyword stuffing, cloaking, tiered link building, exact match domains, and other black and gray hat SEO strategies used to be stupidly effective.

These days are long gone. If you want to rank in google nowadays, a website with a good user experience and high quality, factual and helpful content is paramount to rank.

SEO Is Difficult To Learn

Google is very secretive about how exactly its algorithms work, to make it impossible for people to game the system.

It takes around 8-12 Months for a brand new piece of content to rank in Google. This makes the process of trial and error extremely lengthy and difficult. Mastering SEO takes years. Are you willing to commit that much time to SEO alone or would you rather work on your business?

Creating High Quality Blog Content Is Hard And Time Consuming

The biggest traffic driving activity in SEO is publishing high-quality blog content. If you have ever tried to do it yourself, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to produce great content. A 2000 word article can easily take 15-20 hours to write and research.

If you are running a business, chances are you don’t have the time, to spend half a week writing a single blog post. Stop wasting your time doing something you aren’t good at. Stay within your zone of genius and focus on the things that you can do to grow your business.

There Is So Much You Can Do Wrong

While optimizing one of the over 200 SEO factors to 100% alone won’t make your content rank, neglecting a few ranking factors enough can easily make your website drop out of the SERPS or even get your website de-indexed entirely.

Still, feeling cocky about doing your own SEO?
There is more. Since it takes at least 8 months for content to rank, you won’t even know that you are doing something wrong, if you don’t know what to look for.
You can easily spend a year working in vain until realize that you should have gotten professional help in the first place.

Why Should You Outsource Your SEO?


Google Ranking Factors


Months For A New Piece Of Content To Rank


Yearly Google Algorithm Updates


Percent Of Webpages Never Get Any Traffic

About Me

Leading SEO Expert with a distinct approach

Many Clients ask what sets me apart from other SEO Experts and Agencies. The answer is very simple. Skin in the game.

I don’t just do SEO for clients. I also build my own sites up from scratch to hundreds of thousand page views per month.
I know exactly what it means to start at zero pageviews, and how long it takes to see results.
I start new websites all the time. This gives me an unique persepective and suffienct case studies to know what works now and what doesn’t work anymore.

Friedemann Frommelt

Why Choose Frommelt SEO & Content Marketing For Your Business?

Professional SEO Work In Line With Googles Webmaster Guidelines

Unfortunately, many SEO Agencies still use outdated SEO strategies that not only just don’t work anymore, but are also violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These black hat SEO strategies can provide some short-term traffic gains but always result in loss of ranks and traffic in the long run due to Algorithmic or Manual penalties.

SEO Solutions Tailored To Your Businesses Needs

We understand that every business is different. Regardless if you only need an SEO audit, SEO Consulting, Content planning, or an all-around SEO Service, we have an SEO Solution that suits your needs.

High Quality Content For Almost Every Industry and Business of any size

Over the years we have built a vast network of writers that are knowledgeable in a myriad of topics and industries.
We have sophisticated training and management systems in place for our writer team to ensure everything is running smoothly.

We work with businesses of any size. No matter if your business had a website since the ’90s or doesn’t even have one yet.

Utmost Transparency and Honesty

We will always let you know what we are working on and what challenges your Business’s Website is facing.

Furthermore, if we think something you are doing with your Websites isn’t good for your SEO, we will let you know. Even if it is not what you want to hear.

Website Audit

I will analyze your entire website including your Blog Content and let you know what you need to change to optimize for SEO.
This is a one-off Service.

SEO Consulting

I will regularly analyze your website and guide you and your team for all things SEO.
This is an ongoing Service that should be booked for at least 8 months.

Content Production

I will do extensive research to identify Blog Content opportunities in your industry/niche and have my team of writers produce high-quality SEO-friendly Blog content for your Website.
This is a one-off service.

Complete All Around SEO Service

I will take care of your Website’s entire SEO and Content Production.
This is an ongoing Service that should be booked for at least 8 months.

Core Web Vitals Optimisation

My team and I will analyze your website and improve its Core Web Vitals to the best of our ability. Keep in mind that an optimization score of 100% isn’t always achievable, especially if your website has a lot of tools, plugins, and functionalities.
This is a one-off service.

SEO Content Opportunity Research

I will do extensive research to identify Blog Content opportunities in your industry/niche that you can use to produce your own Blog content.

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